About NASP Detroit

The National Association of Securities Professionals (NASP) assists people of color, most specifically African-Americans and women, to achieve equality and inclusion in the financial securities industry. NASP Detroit was established in 1990, adopting the same mission of inclusion and business diversity. NASP Detroit has been recognized amongst all ten chapters across the United States as the most philanthropic due to our long-standing Shafter Terry III Scholarship Fund. Since the inception of the scholarship fund in 2007, we have elevated the pursuit of higher education/pursuit of a professional trade of Metro Detroiters to priority number one. NASP Detroit has awarded over $400,000.00 in scholarships to deserving and historically overlooked students of Metro Detroit. Our commitment to the students of Metro Detroit is fueled just like our city by a strong “Detroit vs. Everybody” spirit. NASP Detroit is undaunted when it comes to engagement with our youth, our city’s future, and hope for a more equitable and inclusive tomorrow!
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